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The Loan Finder

How do I use the Loan Finder?

The purpose of the Loan Finder is to help you identify government loans you may be eligible to receive, based on your answers to a confidential prescreening questionnaire. 

  • To begin the Loan Finder, first answer the set of required questions.
  • Answer the questions that follow in each category. You can skip between categories or skip non-required questions. We recommend answering as many questions as possible for the most accurate results list. 
  • Your answers to the Loan Finder will be compared with eligibility criteria.
  • The Loan Finder will return a list of loan programs that you may be eligible for, based on the information provided.
  • Feel free to change or edit any answers to the Loan Finder to look at different scenarios and what results will return.
  • To avoid losing your results, you will have the option to email yourself your results list or print your results list to save as a hard copy.

Why does say I “may” be eligible to receive a loan? is a great place to begin your search for government loan programs, as a centralized educational resource. We partner with Federal and State agencies to provide citizens with information on government loan programs and eligibility requirements. We cannot guarantee eligibility results as there are other factors that may impact your eligibility.  Federal and State agencies are responsible for offering and administering loans and handle the application process. You will need to contact the agency that manages the loan to confirm eligibility status. is designed to help you easily locate this information. Each loan program has a ‘Quick Info’ box. Here, you will find program information including a link to the managing agency’s website.

How much time will it take to complete the Loan Finder?

Typically, the Loan Finder will take 15-20 minutes, however, the time will vary depending on the user. Having access to your personal information (e.g., financial, educational, familial) will help you complete the questionnaire more quickly.

Will my results stay on the website for future reference?

Please note that does not save Loan Finder results. If you leave the website, you will lose your results. You can email yourself by selecting ‘Email your Results’ at the bottom of the results page or select ‘Print Results’ to print a copy of your loan program results.