Program Description

Policyholders who have eligible permanent plans of insurance may borrow up to 100 percent of the cash value of the policy after it has been in force for one year or surrender the policy for its cash value. Loans are granted in any amount up to 100 percent of the policy's reserve value, minus any existing indebtedness against the policy, plus interest.

Program Requirements

To be eligible for a loan or cash surrender, you must have a permanent plan issued under one of the following programs:

  • National Service Life Insurance (NSLI),
  • Veterans' Special Life Insurance (VSLI),
  • Service Disabled Veterans Insurance (S-DVI), or
  • Veterans Reopened Insurance (VRI).

Application Process

To apply for a policy loan online please use our "Instant Loan" feature.

You can apply for the cash value by submitting:

You can apply for a loan by submitting:

Loan Terms

Variable Interest Rate between 5 to 12 percent with no Upfront Fees or Pre-payment penalties. Maximum Loan Length at maturity. Maximum Loan Amount 100 percent of the policy cash value.

For more information, see the "VA Life Insurance Programs for Veterans and Servicemembers Handbook," topics "Guaranteed Values" and "Policy Loans."

Contact Information

If you have questions:

  • Visit the Ask VA (AVA) website website to search Frequently Asked Questions or ask a question on-line
  • Call the VA Insurance Center at 1-800-669-8477
  • Call 1-800-829-4833, if you are hearing impaired

Additional Information

Additional Information
Max Loan LengthAt maturity
Interest RateVariable between 5-12%
Max Loan Amount100% of the policy reserve value
Payment FrequencyAnnual
Prepayment PenaltiesNone
Loan Categories
Veterans medal
Veterans Loans